Real estate is a relatively cutthroat business. If you don’t move fast enough, you’ll surely get left behind. The best real estate investors know how to manage their time effectively, have an arsenal of invaluable tools ready to use, are knowledgable on every aspect of their portfolios, have an understanding of the market and its fluctuations and exude an envious level of confidence.

Without those qualities, investors would never find success. But all these facets of a great, successful investor can’t always be taught in a classroom. They can’t always be learned from a book or blogpost.

Real estate mentor and investor

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And that’s precisely where Real Estate Mentor’s come in.

For those just starting to get their feet wet in the industry, utilizing a mentor would be an invaluable key to success and will also make your life so much easier. Before searching for the perfect mentor, it’s important for the investor to have clear goals.

  • What is your idea of success?
  • Is real estate investing your long-term investment platform?
  • What are your investments going towards? Flipping? Commercial spaces? Residential rentals? 

When you’ve got a clear vision of what you really want, take some time to explore your options. Sample different mentors philosophies before making a commitment. Because the commitment to implementing goals with your mentor and following through on them is key to success.

With their extensive experience, mentor’s will be able to help get businesses up and running faster and seamlessly. Obstacles that can usually overwhelm and impact a business in its early stages beginning of a business will be combated with sound advice and direction.

And once you’ve started seeing a profit, mentors can advise on how that profit should be properly managed for maximization. Mentors can grow with you and your portfolio and serve as an invaluable tool for your success. And in the fierce, fast-moving business of real estate, a tool like that will definitely give you a big edge.

How do you find a mentor?

  • Research online but with caution. If someones asking a lot of money* from you, make sure they’re the real deal and not a scam hoping to swindle you.
  • Read articles, books, biographies, etc. by experts in the industry, figure out whose practices you best relate to, and connect with their network of followers.
  • Utilize your own professional networks and organizations. Sometimes, word-of-mouth can prove to be the most useful.

*While some mentors require payment for their services, this will not always be the case depending on circumstance.