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Success is the opposite of failure. Studies have shown that people who focus their attention on worrying about mistakes tend to shut down, while those who take a more relaxed approach about performing badly will soon learn to do well in the most efficient way for them. This applies across the board, from quitting smoking to learning how to ski, success is built on failure.

What will people think of me?! Who cares. Whether they’re right, slightly wrong, or completely off the mark, emphasizing others opinion of you can lead to despair, and even homicide and suicide. And really, what you’re doing is creating anguish within yourself from your hypothesis that other people’s hypothetical hypotheses about you actually mattered. Imagine what you’d be like if it didn’t matter. Got it? Good, keep doing that and never look back.

Think rationally! This has more to do with recognizing your inner-self; taking emotional and physical cues from yourself when making decisions. Your rational capacities are far newer and more error-prone than your deeper, “animal instincts.” While rational thinking can help you see things with a more level head, it’s important to understand where your natural instincts point you, and takes less time than making a pros and cons list.

The beautiful people have it all! Yes, they’ll get preferential treatment in a lot of life’s scenarios: unquestionable entrance into clubs, free goods, and better customer service, to name a few. By while everybody’s noticing them, nobody is really seeing the person behind the perfect figure and symmetrical face.

Life would be perfect if I had everything I ever wanted! Good fortune tends to have bad side effects. Don’t believe it? Check out jails, rehabs, and divorce courts. They don’t discriminate based on income. Anything that makes us feel good can also make us feel bad, but once you let go of the desire for tangible rewards, you appreciate exactly what you need, not want, more. The point is experiencing joy, not experiencing the joy from buying new Jimmy Choos.
Fear loss. If you’ve never experienced loss, you’ll never be able to experience joy on a humbling level. Because losses aren’t cataclysmic if they teach the heart and soul the natural, inevitable cycle of breaking a healing. Avoiding it is a life not lived, so live your truth.