Boost & Empower Students With These 10 Methods for Improved Entrepreneurship Education, Part II” is a continuation of  “Boost & Empower Students With These 10 Methods for Improved Entrepreneurship Education, Part I.” 

Collaborate with Businesses for Apprenticeships/Internships

Countless prominent universities have longstanding partnerships with corporations and business. Students are able to reach out to these firms when they are in need to temporarily perform as interns or apprentices. According to Forbes, an Entrepreneurship-in-Residence is an incredible way for young students to engage with season entrepreneurs and it’s a fantastic way to gain practical knowledge. These founders and entrepreneurs often function as mentors, giving lectures and providing real-world perspective on entrepreneurship and business. For a number of schools, this type of program already exists, but more need to establish similar programs, which would embolden students.

Welcome Insightful Business Executives Into Your Auditorium

Further your students’ education by occasionally asking that an engaging and enthusiastic business executive teach a course, prepare a presentation, or even share their experiences as a business leader with students. Because students can quickly grasp knowledge that normally must be pried from the pages of thick, dense volumes of business text.

Consult for Nonprofit Agencies & Small Businesses

In an effort to teach students and to produce supplemental income for universities, professors could lead a team of consulting student who would use classroom-garnered knowledge to formulate operational priorities and complete important tasks. Small businesses, universities and students would benefit from this exchange. High-quality consulting services would be provided at an affordable rate.

Encourage Students to Launch Their Own Startup

Student-entrepreneurs, with the support of their universities, could help to overturn the high levels of unemployment plaguing the nation. Ahead of that, universities and the Small Business Administration can do more to help students to conduct market research, acquire capital, and develop a viable business.

Highlight Tech Topic in Curricula

Today’s global economy depends on technology. If educating institutions were to incorporate technology topics, students would have a leg up in their careers. These young people would benefit from technology as a means to communicate, innovate, advertise, and turn a profit.

Partner with Global Exchange Programs and Other Schools

Connecting students with Global Exchange Programs and involvement with other institutions presents an opportunity to interact with students of countless cultural and professional backgrounds.

Applaud Student-in-Residence Programs

Comparable to internships, student-in-residence programs allow students early access to practices within their desired fiend. They work a specific number of hours, they gain hands-on experience, and they complete coursework for grades. Younger professionals are placed in a situation where they can sit across the table from leading executives, and investigate and solve real challenges.